Brilliant Mobile Discos

pink square 1Regardless of what you are celebrating ... a wedding,   a birthday of any age,  corporate event  or  any other occasion, you can
          see from our many and varied  letters of recommendation  that we are extremely versatile and can expertly handle a wide
          variety of ages and types of function.

pink square 2 We cover the whole of London, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

pink square 3Good preparation, arriving early and never forgetting that it is your party, not ours, is the key to success.

pink square 4You will receive a proper written contract and a personalised request and dedication Forms.

pink square 5Good preparation, punctuality and never forgetting that it is your party, not ours, is the key to success.

We Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression ...

Your DJ will arrive nice and early and will quickly and quietly set everything up, leaving you to relax and get on with the rest of your preparations. ...

There will be plenty of time to go over the final arrangements and give him any last minute instructions and requests. .

He will be appropriately dressed for your occasion - Smart casual, Lounge suit or "Black tie."

He will be completely ready and have background music of your choice playing as guests arrive.

The guests will be instantly impressed with our top of the range sound system and impressive lightshow. Quite often we get comments about the compact, neat and tidy DJ set up.

How Much Do Your Mobile Discos Cost?

We are a mid-priced professional disco, usually charging between £200.00 and £400.00. However, our prices are not set in stone, so it is always worth calling for a quote.

Our fee is affected by the length of the event , how far away it is, the day of the week and the time of year.

Our inclusive package price covers all travel, parking and congestion charges.

You pay a small initial booking deposit in advance by cheque.

The remainder can again be paid by cheque, up to ten days before the booking or ,you can simply pay your deejay in cash at the start of your party. Payment in installments is also an option.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Credit Cards at any point or cheques on the night of the function.

So, What's Included ?

Your payment covers the services of one of our five professional djs plus all necessary disco equipment. This naturally includes a good quality sound and light system, suitable for the size of the venue, the type of occasion and the age range of the guests. We bring what is necessary for each job, we don't increase the cost simply because it is a wedding or because you have 200 instead of 100 guests. Throughout the night you have complete control over the music
the volume and the lighting.


Confirmation Letters and Receipts

Unlike some of our competitors, we leave absolutely nothing to chance. We still prefer to confirm everything in writing to you. Hence, you will receive a letter from us going over the arrangements and a formal contract detailing timings, addresses, all our contact numbers etc. We also issue receipts for all payments made to Stargazer.

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